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 Colorado sets the stage for a National Debate on Marijuana Reform

                 Colorado's ballot initiative to allow recreational use of Marijuana just may be the beginning of the end on the prohibition of Marijuana. Colorado's new law is in direct conflict with current federal law. The Federal Government now has two options
                 One, file suit against the state of Colorado for passing a law that allows activities which are illegal under Federal Law. This may be a classic state's rights issue, but it will bring the Marijuana debate, particularly Medical Marijuana, to the National level. Whatever the outcome of the potential suit to end Colorado's law, the legitimate Medical use of Marijuana will likely get a lot of attention. This is a major victory in reducing the stigma attached to the thousands and thousands of patients who both legally, and illegally use Marijuana everyday to treat illnesses ranging from Multiple Sclerosis(MS) to PTSD to combating the side effects of Chemotherapy. Or two, the Federal Government will not interfere with the state of Colorado's decision. While not likely, it is still a possibility.
                 People are organizing, talking to friends and family at the grass roots level, making a difference where they can. It's going to change the way Americans look at the use of Marijuana as a Legitimite Medication for the better. Please help me speed along this process by kindly reading my simple petition in the link below, and to sign if you agree that legitamite Medical use of Marijuana should be legal in the state of North Carolina. You don't have to live in North Carolina to sign, or for your signature to make a difference. Thank you!

Help stop the Government denying patients proper care!

               Wow, 18 new signatures on this little petition in the last week! Looks like Massachusetts' 2012 ballot initiative victory, and Connecticut's passage of Medical Marijuana legalization is really helping to raise awareness and bring our just cause before the eyes of all of America. The biggest news though is Colorado's passage of it's ballot initiative for legalization of recreational Marijuana. 
                        To be sure, recreational use is not the intent of the Medical Marijuana movement. In fact, they are completely separate issues. But, Colorado's new law allowing casual use of Marijuana is sure to attract the attention of the Dept. of Justice, and the DEA. In the past, these two organizations have arbitrarily discounted any and all reasonable arguments to end prohibition. But, never before on such a National stage. The federal government now has only two options with regard to ending prohibition, both of those options are great for the Medical Marijuana community.


     This is the face of a Medical Marijuana patient, my face. I use vaporized marijuana everyday to help control the anxiety and mania that is associated with my bi-polar disorder. Click the photo and hear my story.